Data Backup Solutions

What is Data Backup?

Data backup is creating a copy of the data on a machine that you can use to recover if the original data is lost or corrupted. The best practice for data backup is following the 3-2-1 Rule. There should be Three copies of the data. On Two different media. With One copy being off-site.

One of the most crucial components of a company’s disaster recovery and business continuity strategy is having the right data backup solution. It helps organizations protect their vital data. There are different types of backup systems

  • Hybrid Solutions
  • Cloud Services
  • Software Applications
  • Hardware Appliances

Why Data Backup?

People and businesses both rely on data. The lack of data backup planning makes it impossible for the business expansion and remain stable. Backups are the last line of survival in case of data loss or damage due to an unforeseen event or malicious attack. Insufficient backup or disaster recovery plans result in a high failure rate. IT supervisors in charge of data protection should back up files, databases, operating systems, applications, and configurations to reduce the risk of data loss. The basic steps of a data backup solution implementation are
  • 1
    Install the backup solution

  • 2
    Define data type & source

  • 3
    Schedule the backup time

  • 4
    Setup the storage location


Standalone Machine Backup

Our solutions support the backup of standalone devices to secure the data of remote machines that are not in the local network.

Defined Data Backup

We back up disks or volumes, individual files or folders, system states, ESXi configurations, databases, and specific applications.

Flexible Backup Storage

Back up to local network storage, public clouds like Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, or both at a time based on the requirement.

Backup encryption

AES-256 data encryption for data in transit and at rest will help maintain regulatory compliance and improve data protection.


Reduce the storage needed by identifying data repetition in the backup and preventing storing duplicate data.

Improved Security

Multi-layered security for the backed-up data with user authentication, encryption, access control, and ransomware protection.

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