What is Server?

A server is a computer program or a physical device that offers a service to another computer program and its user, also known as the client. Servers can offer a variety of features, referred to as “services,” including the ability to perform computation for a client or share data or resources among many clients. The central repository ensures that every team member has authorized access to the files, applications, and other resources. Major applications of the servers are as follows:

  • Run & share major Applications
  • Host & share access to Databases
  • Control & manage client machines
  • Run backup between source & target
  • Keep & Share Files between the clients

Benefits for Businesses

A server-based network has several advantages that are ideal for commercial endeavors. Purchasing a dedicated server can help with database hosting, central file storage and sharing, system-wide backups, easy client administration, and application running. On-premises servers provide greater security and control over business data and software. The cloud servers are easy to deploy and manage, especially if remote and mobile users are more in your infrastructure. Servers can provide high performance and stability to ensure your business operations are up to standards. Some of the benefits of having servers are as follows:
  • 1

  • 2
    Easy to Manage

  • 3

  • 4
    Data Security

Types of Servers

Application Server

A centralized machine to provide and control the access of major business applications to the users.

File Server

A centralized device to store files and provide limited access to the authorized users in the network.

Database Server

The server hosts one or more application databases that control a business's operations.

Active Directory Server

Helps administrator to secure the network recourses by implementing rules and policies for the users.

Backup Server

A server that runs a backup solution to copy data from a source and store it in the destination efficiently.

Email Server

A device or computer program that receives and sends emails in the most secure and efficient manner.

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