Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling Solutions Provider in Dubai

Node IT is the most reputed structured cabling solutions provider in Dubai. We help your company design the space intelligently and bring structured cabling benefits to their projects. Node IT team has extensive field experience, allowing you to get professional services from a team of experts. In addition to being rigorously trained in the latest technologies, our cabling installation team adheres to industry standards and uses genuine products.

We offer our services in various environments and locations all over UAE. We design solutions that meet the requirements of your organization by ensuring durability and future upgrade optimization. We have established Node IT as one of the top structured cabling solutions providers in Dubai with our solid experience and hard work.

Our goal is to keep our clients ahead of their competitors with the outstanding quality of their IT infrastructure. You can relocate, upgrade, or change your infrastructure by utilizing innovative, cost-effective cabling solutions of Node IT.

Our Approach to Cabling Projects

Node IT provides a comprehensive range of cabling solutions for data, audio/video, and telecommunications networks. We design the solutions as per your needs based on your budget, location, and business size. We take a flexible approach to cabling installation as we are expertise in almost every environment.
  • 1
    Study the Requirement

  • 2
    Design the Layout

  • 3
    Execute the Project

  • 4
    Node-to-Node Testing

  • 5
    Project Handover

We Offer

Cabling for Data, Voice & CCTV

We provide cabling solutions that ensure a unified environment between user desks and server rooms across the entire office.

Optic Fibre Splicing & Cabling

Node IT helps you implement optic fiber connectivity between the nodes where you need maximum bandwidth data transfer.

Fluke Testing

You can rely on us to rectify your network problems and ensure that your infrastructure is reliable and up to industry standards.

Cable Rearrangement

Our team performs network analysis, cable management, and labeling of each component for future maintenance.

Datacenter Cabling

We ensure the compatibility of your equipment and infrastructure for durability and future upgrade optimization.

Warehouse / Outdoor Cabling

Our team is capable to assist you in designing, procuring, and installing any environment-specific cabling projects.

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