Data Loss Prevention

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution?

Protection against data loss is a top priority in today’s digital world, especially as remote work becomes more legitimate. Cyberattacks and data breaches are more expensive and dangerous. The concept of data loss prevention (DLP) is a suite of tools and processes that assist companies in identifying and preventing data leakage by controlling information flow within and outside the organization. It performs content evaluation and context-specific analysis of data in motion on a network, in use on a managed endpoint device, or at rest in an on-premises file server or cloud storage.

In short, DLP Solutions are used to

  • Prevent data leakage
  • Ensure regulatory compliances
  • Investigate data breach attempts

How Does DLP Work?

A data loss prevention policy identifies sensitive data at every entry and exit point in an organization's IT power grid. Rule-based content review assists teams in tracking sensitive data throughout the organization, while contextual analysis enables DLP software to tag data, understand appropriate usage, and detect anomalies. Once sensitive data reach an exit point, DLP software identifies unusual activity, halts the transmission, and notifies the user. DLP Solutions are focused on three steps
  • 1
    Classify data based on its importance

  • 2
    Secure data with proper rules & policies

  • 3
    Monitor reports and real-time alerts


Endpoint data protection

Your data is secure from unauthorized access and leakage to outside networks. Only authorized people will get permission to access data, and our DLP solution will monitor activities on those data.

Security audit & Periodic Report

A variety of auditing features and periodic reports are available with DLP solutions. Data-flow security audit, Office 365 file and email audit, Regulatory compliance audit, and Workspace security audit.

Hybrid Data Protection

Our DLP solutions monitor and protect the data at any stage. Let the data be in motion from one node to another or static. Data in the on-premises or cloud storage are secure with our DLP solutions.

Realtime Alerts

The policies we set in the DLP solutions are highly proactive and send live alerts to the administrators on any unauthorized access or attempt of data theft or misuse.

Management Training

We have our in-house, certified engineers for the DLP solutions implementation and to support clients during the fine-tuning period after the project delivery.

Security Automation

Automated security integration with FortiGate network appliances and automatic reporting of incidents to SEIM solutions are advantages of our DLP solution.

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