IT Relocation Services In Dubai

Best IT Relocation Services In Dubai

Node IT is the best system integrator in Dubai to help you to move your IT infrastructure from one location to another. IT relocation requires technical expertise and thorough planning. For a business to run efficiently, IT and communication systems are essential. The transfer of these services is made simple and easy with the assistance of experts from Node IT.

As Node IT is a team of professionals, we always give a systematic approach to relocating an IT infrastructure. We begin with a thorough analysis of your current technology, operations, and processes. Then we create a strategic IT roadmap that will modernize and increase the productivity of your employees. We always plan the procedures considering that the client can take advantage of this momentum. The next step is to shut down the solutions & devices properly, then dismantle them from the existing environment. Handover to the movers. Once the devices have arrived at the new location, we will proceed with the installation.

What Do We Offer?

IT relocation, which involves servers, hardware, wiring, network setup, and more, is the most complex part of any office move. We must consider downtime as the primary factor. DIY can cause data loss. We expedite your IT changes and upgrades from deployment to decommissioning. We provide exceptional support from highly qualified specialists who collaborate with you to comprehend your data centre and office space requirements before creating and carrying out a project plan. Steps to be followed for relocating IT systems

  • 1
    Evaluation & Planning

  • 2
    Shut down & Dismantling

  • 3
    Move to New Location

  • 4
    Installation & Testing


Consultation & Advice

Design a tactical relocation plan considering security and data protection.


Creates inventories of all your IT devices and thoroughly documents the same.

Hardware Disposal

Disposal of unusable devices following environmental and general rules & regulations


IT systems & solutions will be installed, positioned, and tested at the new site.

Data Backup

IT relocation services also include multiple server backups for the new configuration.

Skilled Team

Our skilled team helps you with consulting and coordinating with the movers.

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