IP Phone Solutions in Dubai

Best IP Phone Solutions in Dubai

Node IT provides the best VoIP PBX and IP Phone systems in Dubai. IP PBX is an advanced telecommunication device that connects phones to the voice network. It manages incoming and outgoing calls across its telephone network using an internet connection. An IP PBX phone system can maintain phones throughout the office while allowing them to make and receive phone calls over the internet. It enables all users to share a set number of external phone lines while allowing call switching between VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol or IP) users on local lines. These systems have an IP PBX server, VoIP endpoints (fixed phones, web clients, or mobile apps), and VoIP Gateways.

Few advantages of VoIP PBX solutions are:

  • Reduces telecommunication cost
  • IVR feature uplifts caller experience
  • Facility to make voice & video calls
  • Supports voice messaging feature
  • Flexible to add gateways & modules
  • Local call facility for roaming users
  • Automated & customized report
  • User extensions can be configured

How Does IP Phone System Work?

IP PBX Systems place and receive calls over the Internet instead of using traditional phone lines. It transforms analogue signals into digital packets and routes them to a VoIP provider to manage the beginning and end of each call. IP PBX Systems work on SIP standards and distinguish between internal and external calls when a user places a call. It forwards the internal calls to the phone's SIP address and routes outgoing calls to the desired location via IP. We can implement a VoIP PBX System in a few steps

  • 1
    Physical Installation

  • 2
    Add Gateway & Module

  • 3
    Configure ISP Line

  • 4
    Connect Extensions

  • 5
    Start Making Calls


Remote Work

A business phone system that promotes flexibility and agility in a remote work environment is worthwhile.

Call Waiting

IP PBX enables you to accept another call while you are already on a call, thereby improving user availability.

Cloud Phones

With a cloud system linking to IP PBX, businesses can maintain the highest levels of reliability and resilience.

Call Forwarding

IP PBX Reroutes an incoming call to a pre-set alternative user number if the intended recipient is unavailable.

Call Parking

Incoming call management minimizes caller wait times and provides simultaneous assistance to all callers.

Call Monitoring

This feature entails listening, documenting, and noticeably improving the agent's support quality to the clients.

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