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Door Access Control System Provider in Dubai

Node IT provides robust biometric access control systems to businesses in various industries in Dubai. By developing open, dependable access control systems, we hope to improve user convenience and security. For nearly a decade, Node IT has been to keep people, buildings, and assets safe and secure. We provide our clients with comprehensive, modern Access Control Solutions by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

You can simplify your organization’s configuration and reporting processes by leveraging our extensive portfolio of trusted Access Control solutions and products. Our clients have collaborated with us to improve the security of their offices, classrooms, campuses, data centers, and work sites. RFID, fingerprinting, face recognition, hybrid biometrics, QR codes, and other access technologies are available.

We offer adaptable, cost-effective solutions that allow you to scale as your business grows. You can integrate our access control solutions with building or site security systems. Improve your business’s efficiency and operations by remotely monitoring and managing your site.

How Does Door Access Control System Work?

The Door Access Control System limits door access to only authorized users based on the policies configured in the system and denies unauthorized people. The administrator can mention user details, permitted day, and time in the policy. Companies use the reports on Door Access Control System to monitor the attendance of their employees and connect to the payroll system to evaluate their performance. The Door Access Control System works by following simple steps
  • 1
    Physical Installation

  • 2
    Configure users

  • 3
    Apply Policies

  • 4
    Monitor Reports


User Permission Management

Monitor and control access to sensitive equipment or area of an office or building to ensure user convenience and security.

Real-Time Monitoring

Door access control systems monitor 24x7 and provide security to the premises. Detailed reports are available at any time.

Data Encryption

Data in the door access control system is encrypted to ensure safety and privacy. It protects from any information breach.

Automated Backup

Our door access control systems take backup of the door access database, daily logs, and records to the integrated storage.

Mobile Access Control

Use authorized mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables, to gain access to your buildings and rooms.

Integrated Systems

It’s easy to integrate our access control systems with existing security infrastructure, such as intercoms and intrusion alarms.

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