What’s it?

You may wonder why data classification is needed for an organisation. When implemented, it provides a bridge between IT professionals and process or application owners. Data classification as a part of the information as a tool for categorization of data to enable / help organizations to effectively answer the questions such as available data types, where the certain data is located, what access levels are implemented, what protection level is implemented and does it adhere to compliance regulations.

In a nutshell, Data classification is the process of analyzing structured or unstructured data and organizing it into categories based on file type, contents, and other metadata.


Data classification helps organizations answer important questions about their data that inform how they mitigate risk and manage data governance policies. It can tell you where you are storing your most important data or what kinds of sensitive data your users create most often. Comprehensive data classification is necessary (but not enough) to comply with modern data privacy regulations.

Since the data classification tools help to get a better visibility on the data & its priorities, The professionals will be able to provide better security or protection to the critical database to manage to move the non necessary or old data to a cost effective storage to enhance the performance of file servers & to save the cost of in pro toon file storages.

What if not using it?

Without a proper data classification system in place, it will not be possible to provide the required level of protection or security to the important data. As well the storages cannot be fully managed in a beneficial way to the organization.

What do we do?

Being a certified partner of data classification solutions, our team can introduce the multiple solutions to you to get an in-depth idea how the solutions are working. We can help you to position the best suited solution for your environment based on your requirements & priorities. We can support you on the solution implementation, fine tuning stages & we offer you administration training as well.