What’s it?

Secure file transfer is data sharing via a secure, reliable delivery method. It is used to safeguard proprietary and personal data in transit and at rest.


The SFTP Cloud allows you to create specific usernames and passwords for individual users. SFTP Clouds employ advanced encryption techniques to help keep information safe during a transfer. SFTP Cloud environments are significantly more secure than traditional FTP deployments.

What if not using it?

Left unprotected, data in transit or at rest can be a huge risk for a breach. Using secure file transfer protocols safeguards sensitive information and helps avoid data breaches.

What do we do?

File sharing is part of every business whether it’s over email, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or even over the Web. The problem is, none of those methods are easily managed. How do you know who sent what and when, and who received it? How do you make sure sensitive files are securely sent and that, once the recipient is finished with them, that they can be retrieved? This is where secure managed file transfer (MFT) software comes in and we TNIT provides the best solution for this.