What’s it?

URL filtering limits access by comparing web traffic against a database to prevent employees from accessing harmful sites such as phishing pages.


The URL filtering deployment allows enterprises to safely enable web usage with  the same policy control mechanisms applied to applications. It reduces malware incidents by blocking access to known malware and credential phishing sites. Tailor web filtering controls with whitelists (i.e, allow), blacklists (i.e., block), custom categories and database customization. It facilitates SSL-decryption policies for full visibility and threat inspection into normally opaque traffic websites.

What if not using it?

Without having URL filtering , devices don’t have the right mechanisms to adequately control web browsing and prevent threats. They cannot coordinate actions and lack application visibility and meaningful integration with other required solutions to protect against the different attack stages and threat vectors.

What do we do?

Traditionally, companies have used URL filtering as a tool to prevent employees from accessing unproductive sites. We help control the web content your staff accesses and protects your business from online threats with powerful DNS filtering.